Kickstarter finished

The Kickstarter ended with 57,000 euros. A fantastic result.

In the final sprint, the Devout Tormented, Faction Dice in Starter Set, the Dwarven Horned Ones Blood Totem, Faction objective markers, Firstborn Macemen and STL files of model bases was activated on the last day.

Last Updates:

Dice Tray Unlocked!

Slowly we are getting to the end of our Kickstarter and we are unlocking another Stretch Goals. So its time to reveal the next one in the row.

A free Dice Tray will be added to every pledge with General Stretch Goals.

At 50K you will unlock this magnificent Troll Deathseekers to utilize in your Blackblood army, or just paint it for your collection. This almost 54mm mini is an imposing piece, sure to strike fear in the hearts of your enemies, whilst he is running amok among their ranks. 


6th Stretch Goal arrived

The sound of bagpipes from the caverns bellow is filling the air. The synchronized beat of boots striking the ground at the same moment creates small quakes, as the Dwarves march on the field of battle. And at the head of this formation, stands atop his ceremonial shield the Manx Skull Champion, the leader of the war effort.

Beared on the shoulders of his trusty shield-beariers, this supreme warrior-leader smites ranks of his enemies with his clawed halberd. Simultaneously, he gains the ability to stand high over the friendly ranks, becoming better able to command his forces and riposte the enemy’s movements.

As our next Stretch Goal at 48K, you will be able to incorporate this alternate, masterfully crafted version of this miniature to your Dwarven forces. With him you will be able to better command your armies, and further the goal of your Overlord of the Horned One Clan. So, keep spreading the world that after the Wilding, the Dwarves are reclaiming their rightful place on the world, and keep pledging!

The next Stretch Goal is a Dice Tray with Chronopia Logo. Dice Tray with Faction Logo find under Add-Ons in the Pledge Manager.


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