Rules Videos!

Today as promised we have started to uploading rules videos to our YouTube channel and as well to this Kickstarter Campaign. You can find it under the Scroll with Demo Rulebook to Download and below in this update.

Those movies are taking form of short few minutes rules videos, describing 1 aspect of the rules. Everyday we will try to upload more. 

Let us know do you like that form of presenting the rules. 


More on the Kickstarter:

Our Youtube Channel:

Gameplay Video!

The time has come for first Game Play Video using our Demo Box with Hero Skirmish level.

Since tomorrow we will start to upload short video demonstrating rules. 

First upload will always be on our official Youtube Channel, so if you did not subscribe yet, do it now. Later on Kickstarter Campaign will be updated.

Chronopia (Hero Skirmish Level) Battle Report – Crystal Lotus Elves vs Devouts

Game Play


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