The sun is setting on a Dark World. It is a time of uncertainty and treachery as kin fights kin in a better struggle for domination and survival. It is a time of heroic deeds and blasphemous evil. It is the age of Chronopia!

Chronopia Rulebook
Blackblood vs. Devout

What is Chronopia, set in a Dark Fantasy Universe?

Chronopia is a dynamic wargame that allows you to play small hero skirmish battles or massive army battles set in a dark fantasy world. Using beautiful miniatures from Uhrwerk-Verlag, you will once again fall into this world. This rulebook focuses on basic rules for ‘player versus player’ games. In our upcoming releases you will find rules for solo games and games with odd numbers of players, working together against the environment. Something that wargames has never seen before.

Demon vs. Knight

In the Dark Fantasy Universe of Chronopia there are eight mighty fighting for territory and dominance whilst demons from other realms try to enter the world and take it for themselves. You will take leadership of one of these empires and attempt to forge its destiny through glorious combat. The battles you’ll fight will not only be friendly games, but can be reported to our headquarters where we will create a library of data. Every Month we’ll inform players how their successes and failures have influenced the world of Chronopia. As time passes and borders change, through the sands of time new factions will appear.

Game Parts

Wargaming in the Dark Fantasy Universe of Chronopia!

In Chronopia players build their forces from a wide range of factions and play in dark fantasy combat games using 3- 100 high quality 32mm scale miniatures.

Pick warbands, individual models or spellcasters and give them magic spells to support your army. Develop your army camp, defences and resources tom improve your warband and its abilities int the Mortal Realm of Chronopia.

Chronopia includes narrative scenarios as well as standard points-based battles, random missions with narrative-style objectives, and even play solo against environment. Treasures recovered in missions can be used to improve the warband´s weapons, gear, and other upgrades, ready for the next encounter. All game-play modes support Player vs. Player, Co-Op or Solo play.

Look out for the great range of expansions, cards, new factions, miniatures, and terrain available separately!