Starter Box

The Two-Player Starter Set contains everything you need to play Chronopia using Hero Skirmish Level of the game. Please note that the miniatures included are unpainted, unassembled and multi-part.


As offered in the first Wave 1 Kickstarter.

  • 8 Models
  • 6 Unit Cards
  • 8-11 Equipment Cards
  • 2 Dice (D20)
  • 1 Sheet of 72 tokens
  • 1 Starter Rulebook
  • 1 PDF Rulebook
Game Parts
Part of the Content (Unit Cards, Token, Dice, Equipment Cards)


The miniatures in the starter box consist of warrior models from the normal troop boxes. In the Kickstarter you could freely choose the factions in the starter boxes.

The Devout faction was specified for the offer for dealers. The second faction could choose these but also freely.

Here the individual miniature sets of the respective factions.

Kickstarter Model Faction
The Faction Sets


  • Blackblood: Orc Archer, 2x Orc Swordsmen, Heavy Ogre Infantry
  • Devout: Greatswordsmen Follower, 2x Swordsmen Followers, Cursed
  • Dwarven (Horned Ones): Warshield, 2x Legion Swordsmen, Axce Horn Warrior
  • Elves (Crystal Lotus): Archer, 2x Spearmen, Lotus Guard
  • Firstborn: Longbowmen, 2x Swordsmen, Iron Guard

The demo pack contained the miniatures from the factions Elf and Devout.