From March 29th, 2022 to April 31st, 2022 the first Kickstarter of the third edition of Chronopia went.

On April 15th the financing goal of 41,200 euros was reached. The Kickstarter ends with 310 backer and 57,280 euros.

In addition to the rules, the money also financed the production of six units for each of the five factions from the rule book.

The following are the core products that should be funded with the Kickstarter.


Full colour and Hard Cover.

Army rules for five main faction: Blackbloods, Devout, Dwarven, Elven and Firstborn.



In the Kickstarter there was the possibility to freely choose the factions in the starter box. In the later Retrail version, these are specified.

Each starter box consists of four different miniatures for each of the two factions.

The matching unit and equipment cards, as well as a booklet with the rules for the Hero level. Two D20 dice and a token sheet.

The faction and miniatures in the Starterbox (only two faction in one Box).


Two indiviual, three infantry units and one mounted unit appear for each of the factions included in the rulebook.

Most of the miniatures are newly created figures from the previous editions of well-known units.


Alchemist with Muhar Zohal (Indiviual)
Troll (Indiviual)
Orc Archers (Unit, 3-9 models)
Ogre Infantry (Unit, 2-9 models)
Orc Swordsmen
Orc Swordsmen (Unit, 3-12 models)
Orc Kutara Lancer (Unit, 1-3 models)


Warped Lord (Individual)
Dusk Realm Demon (Individual)
Swordsmen Followers (Unit, 3-12 models)
Greatswordsmen Followers
Greatswordsmen Followers (Unit, 3-12 models)
The Cursed (Unit, 4-8 models)
Blood Knight (Unit, 1-3 models)

Dwarven, Clan Horned Ones

Keeper (Individual)
Manx-Skull Champion (Individual)
Warshields (Unit, 3-10 models)
Legion Swordsmen
Legions Swordsmen (Unit, 3-10 models)
Axe Horn Warriors (Unit, 3-12 models)
Horned Raiders (Unit, 1-3 models)

Elven, House Crystal Lotus

Silver Lotus Eater (Individual)
Crystal Knight (Individual)
Archer (Unit, 3-10 models)
Lotus Guard (Unit, 2-6 models)
Spearmen (Unit, 3-8 models)
Dragonbane Raider
Dragonbane Raider (Unit, 1-3 models)


Chronomancer (Individual)
Repulsar Knight (Individual)
Longbowmen (Unit, 4-9 models)
Iron Guard (Unit, 2-8 models)
Swordsmen (Unit, 3-12 models)
Mounted Knight (Unit, 1-3 models)


Stretch Goals