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This multi-racial Empire extends across scores of land and hosts thousands of denizens from many races. They all are ruled by a fearsome figure, Nizar Bloodbound that sits in his Throne of Blood at his capital Kharabad. His armies are as diverse as one can expect from an Empire that includes lush jungles. Arid steppes and scorching deserts. Hulking ogres can stand next to puny goblins from Terakan, whilst four-armed Troll rips enemy formations apart further ahead. The Emperor’s armies are the most ferocious in all the Land, and woe be to anyone that defies his will.

Orc Swordsmen

The majority of the Blackblood armies armies comprise of young Orc men, eager to serve the will of their liege, gain glory in his name and partake in the upcoming looting.

Orc Archer

Orc Archers

Typically bearing no armor, the poor and downtrodden members of Blackblood society find service in the army a fine chance to have a daily meal at the expense of their Satrap. Armed with a bow they provide vital support to their kinsmen via volleys of doom.

Ogre Infantry

Standing muscding 2.5 meters tall in average and physically gifted with a strong muscular structure, an Ogre is a fearsome sight to come against. Whilst they march in battle swinging huge falchions, in reality their true weapon is their undiluted rage.


Despite appearances Trolls are peaceful in nature, until they are unleashed against enemy formations. Then they throw themselves in an orgiastic death trance that ends only after they, or their enemies lie dead on the ground.


Medicine, astrology, history and transmutation, all fall under the research scope of these Orc scholars. Alchemists depart from their great libraries in an effort to acquire more knowledge and lend their near magical abilities to the war effort.

Orc Kutara Lancers

Flesh hungry Kutaras are taken to war by the Orc gentry. Flamboyant in both attire and disposition, these loud warriors are capable of grand acts of courage, eager to ascertain their loyalty to the Throne of Blood.

Orc Assault Warriors

Emperor Nizar, besides the forces of his various Satraps and Emirs, has a compliment of household troops loyal to him in person. These troops are better trained and better equipped by the other troops of the Empire.

Goblin Swordmaster

Smallest of the denizens in the Blackblood Empire, Goblins lack the innate bloodlust exhibited in Ogres and Orcs. However what they lack in strength, they make it

Troll Deathseeker

The path of the Deathseeker is one of solitude and rejection of life. The sole reason of a Deathseeker’s existence is to find a glorious death in the face of the enemy, foregoing any semblance of defense and protection.



Led by the Four Prophets, the Devout have pledged themselves to the Dark One and every day strive to reinstate his dark existence into our Realm. They have cemented his footing our world by the opening of the four Great Vortexes. These direct passageways to the Dust Realm pour forth all kinds of monstrosities that spread dread and despair in all that cross them. Moreover their infuence of such mystical energies has caused a phenomenon called “the Darkening”. Infernal energy that corrupts all it touches, twisting minds, bodies and soil alike. It is not the first time that the Dark One has tried to conquer our world, but truly the Devout inluence has brought Him closer tha ever to His goal.


Drawn from the world’s decrepit, Devout Followers comprise of Firstborn deserters, criminals and degenerates that find refuge in the hosts of the Prophets. For them death in the battlefield is only the means to be reunited with their dark patron.


Followers that manage to survive long enough in their Master’s armies become privy to the Black Armouries of the Prophet’s armies. Bearing superior armour and two handed greatswords, they assault the enemy fortified positions.



Followers of the Darkness gradually lose their humanity, becoming increasingly influenced by the effects of the Darkening. Eventually those that manage to stay alive for long enough, become extensions of the will of the Dark One.

Dusk Realm Warriors

Spawned from the Dusk Realm of the Beyond, these manifestations of the will of the Dark One, can only be summoned through vortexes. Standing roughly in the size of a Firstborn, they unleash devastating charges with their horns, imbuing terror to the defenders.

Dusk Realm Demon

This entity serves as a commander of the infernal hosts. Standing at almost two times the height of an average Firstborn, a Dusk Realm Demon is not only a superior commander,

Warped Lord

A spellcaster attuned to the Realm of the Beyond, Warped Lords serve as commanders to the Prophets’ armies. Having the ability to open vortex portals to the Dusk Realm and spew forth demonic creatures, these extinguishers of Light sow terror and discord in the enemy ranks.

Dark Eyes

A small number of Cursed occasionally cross through a vortex portal into the Beyond, heeding the unheard call of some dark entity. Then, months later a lone figure might emerge back to our world, bearing swords forged in the infernal smitheries of the Dusk Realm.


Entities of the Dusk Realm that fail the Dark One in a particularly severe manner, are handed a special punishment. Then, crazed by pain and longing for release from the shackles of life, they blindly charge the enemy lines.

Blood Knights

Parts of the traitorous Iron Guard escaped the Chronopia and set independent chapter houses in secluded castles. Whilst they chose to follow the tenets of the Dark Faith, they refused to swear fealty in any Prophet, renaming themselves the Order of the Blood Knights.

Dwarven Clan Horned Ones


Having the strongest of wills among the mortal races, the Dwarf Clans also bear a legacy of hardship and tragedy. Created in the image of their majestic Gods in eons past, they used to be led by them. Under their tutelage they carved a vast sub-terranean complex called “the Labyrinth”, connecting all the known world together. Then came their near undoing by the treachery of the Jackal Clan. Their overnight Gods turned into feral beasts, slaughtering them by the scores. Considering themselves forlon, deliverance came unexpectedly in the face of Kahlin Cagn. He tamed the Gods, naming then Blood Totems and pulled his kin from the brink of annihilation. Today Dwarves consist independent Clans, each made in the image of its long-lost Founder and wage a never ending war for their right to exist.

Horned Ones Legionnaires

Swordsmen form the bulk of the Horned Legion. Typically better armored than most of the other forces in the world and bearing a relentless stubbornness, they are nigh impossible to remove from a fortified

Horned Ones Spearmen

The calmest and most disciplined of the warriors of the Horned Ones Clan, join the ranks of the Spearmen. They wield a weapon so thick and cumbersome, that the use of a shield with it is impossible.

Horned Ones Warshields

Comprising solely of veterans from countless skirmishes, the Warshields constitute the anchor around which the rest of the Dwarf army forms. These warriors unleash a steady volley of crossbow bolts that is able to cut short any assailant.

Axe Horn Warriors

Foregoing such trivialities as armor and protection, this bombastic unit of Dwarves more often than not charge without receiving an order to do it. Swinging their twin axes with extreme precision, they throw themselves in the thickest of battle.

Manx Horn Champion

Appointed as overall commanders of an expedition, these exceptional individuals have excelled in matters of command and strategy. Expressing the will of Overlord Brandar in person, a Manx Scull Champion exerts an aura of authority and respect to his peers.

Horned Ones Gauntlets

Legionnaires in possession of a particular aggression, chose to forego the shield that protects them, and instead wear a spike-clad gauntlet. These ferocious warriors, form small bands of chargers that are used to head-strongly break the enemy ranks.

Horned Ones Blood Totem

An unstoppable primal force, the Blood Totem of the Horned Ones Clan delivers a thunderous charge, pulverizing bone and armor under its monstrous hooves and horns.


The Keepers are the ones living in symbiosis with the Blood Totems, taking these hulking beasts to war. It is they that keep the former Founders’ blood frenzy in check, and by its strength, guides the Clan to glory.

Horned Ones Raiders

Horned Raiders

When Kahlin Cagn brought the ability to tame the Founders, and the Blood Totems were created, the blood-frenzy of the Torkhas was reduced. Thus, they became beasts of war, delivering shattering charges towards the enemy lines and letting none stand on their path.

Elven House Crystal Lotus


Elf societies are organized in an ancient system of independent noble Houses. Each House is a completely sovereign entity with a Duke leading it with his court. All Elven Houses have always valued one thing above all else, throughout their eons of existence. Power. In pursuit of that no elf, regardless of its societal status will stop at nothing and indeed in the past, they never have.

Crystal Lotus Spearmen

The bulk of a House’s forces are made of a semi-professional cadre, consisting of young volunteers with a will to experience the adventures the world holds for a particular time period.

Crystal Lotus Bowmen

Those Elves that do not want to operate within the strict context of military life, join one of the many roaming adventuring bands. These bands are typically lightly armored and are armed with a bow.

Lotus Guard

Lotus Guard

The elite brotherhood of the Lotus Guard is comprised by lesser nobility members that did not hold the means to sustain a dragonbane mount. These closely knit warrior brotherhoods forego all former family ties, finding their new allegiance to the protection of the Lotus plantations.

Crystal Knight

These solitary figures have come to form a symbiotic relationship with the Lotus plant. They have grown to be completely unable to feel the shivers that would overwhelm any other mortal exposed to the excruciating cold of the Lotus Peaks.

Silver Lotus Eater

In the coldest slopes of the Lotus Peaks a magnificent flower with gleaming silver pedals sprouts. When consumed by proper practitioners of the Elven race, this flower conveys magical abilities like no other can yield in the entire world.

Blue Lotus Eater

Partaking in the use of Lotus plants grown at the lower slopes of the Lotus Peaks, these spell casters have mastered the use of the Air element. Having the ability to form gales and storms during a clear sunny day, their contribution to the war effort is profound.

Dream Warriors

The Dream Warriors are a warrior cadre veiled in mystery and secrecy. They are seen hovering as spectral phantasms, never setting their feet on the ground, being half in Mortal Realm and half in Haven Realm. Their appearance on the battlefield is sudden and without warning, as is their uncalled for departure.

Crystal Lotus Axemen

After some time in the army, a soldier can claim a more specific battlefield role through the ranks of the Axemen. These more specialized units are used aggressively to punch localized holes in the enemy formation in order to be further exploited.

Dragonbane Knights

The spear tip of each House is its compliment of Household Dragonbane Knights. This fully professional cadre of elite troops is drawn from the nobility of the House and is lavishly equipped at the expense of the Duke.



The Firstborn were the first of the races to ever tread the soil of this world. However they were to remain in a state of barbarism, falling prey to other races until the coming of the One King and the formation of the First Kingdom. Since that moment they are existing in a perpetual state of conflict, constantly fighting to secure their place under the sun.

Firstborn armies enjoy heavy armor and a good level of training, providing their commanders a high level of versatility. With these traits they are able to adapt to any battlefield situation and triumph over it.


Most common of the Firstborn soldiers are the Swordsmen. Issued heavy blades upon conscription, they undergo a demanding training that makes them operate as a group of disciplined soldiers in the field of battle.


Possessing masterfully made longbows, they rain death upon their foes with unrivaled efficiency, capable of maintaining a rate of arrows that pierces with ease armor, sinew and bone.

Iron Guard

Being the enforcers of the One King’s will throughout the Kingdom, the Iron Guard have the dual task of overseeing internal order and security, as well as meeting the enemy in the field of battle.

Repulsar Knight

Individuals that have excelled in courage and cunning, as well as best embodied the chivalric code, become Repulsar Knights. They are tasked with commanding the One King’s armies, when failure is not an option.

Black Sister

Black Sisters

It was the Black Sisters that were guided to the place of the One King’s second coming and took him to their Northern Land to be brought up under their aegis. Since that time the Black Sisters never left his side, forming his personal guard to this day.


These elite mage-knights, are capable of mastering the ebbs and flows of time, guiding the Kingdom and its armies to glory. They are the forces the foresee a threat before it materializes, acting upon it in time.


The Order of the Judges of the Seven Towers was formed in the aftermath of the Devout betrayal. Armed with a double headed axe called Truthbringer and the book of law, they are figures that inspire fear and awe.

Mounted Knights

The most affluent of knights march to the field of battle on the back of magnificent destriers. They are bearing illustrious shining armor and well-made lances capable of piercing even the thickest of armor.


Soldiers manifesting a greater aptitude towards violence and in possession of rage that cannot be sated, are assigned to the ranks of the Macemen. These troops are used to shatter heavily armored enemies, and break fortifications.

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