The Rulebook

  • Detailed history of the Mortal Realm world called Chronopia
    • History through the ages
    • Detailed stories of Dramatis Personae
    • History of each faction
    • Short stories
  • Rules of play:
    • Player vs Player for 4 sizes of the game
      • Hero Skirmish Level – Usually a game with just a few miniatures. This may take place inside city walls or deep underground and could involve spying on an enemy or kidnapping the daughter of an enemy general. At least 75% of the battlefield should be covered in Terrain Features. Played on 3’x3′ table.
      • Patrol Fight Level – A game using approximately 15 to 20 miniatures. Usually, some reconnaissance missions beside a fortress’s walls or deep in a forest. At least 50% of the battlefield should be covered in Terrain Features. Played on 3’x3′ table.
      • Army Battle Level – A game using up to 40 miniatures. Armies usually clash in open fields so it is recommended that no more than 25% of the battlefield has Terrain Features. It could be a sawmill, pond, small forest or a temple that will be a witness to the bloodshed. Played on 4’x6′ table.
      • Grand Army Level – An epic battle usually using more than 50 miniatures per side. It is recommended to use a maximum of two small Terrain pieces that won’t block a large battle, but add something to the story of it. Remember to hire a scribe who will document the battle. Played on 4’x6′ table.
    • Battle Royale – Type of game for odd number of players (the more the better).
    • Solo Play – Story driven solo play with role playing features.
  • Army rules for 5 main factions
    • Firstborn
    • Crystal Lotus Elves
    • Horned Ones Dwarves
    • Blackbloods Empire
    • Devout
  • Scenarios, Weather rules, Competitive Play Rules.
    • Story driven scenarios designed for each size of the game.
    • Competitive play comes with 6 main missions, 9 secret missions and 12 deployment zones, which gives you in total 648 different ways of play Chronopia.
    • Weather rules are design to simulate several conditions that you might want to use in your advanced games.
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