Model Scale

The model scale in the TableTop is basically determined by measuring the distance between the feet and the eyes of a normal human miniature.

Over the decades, the size of the figures in this scale has increased from 25mm to 28mm and now 32mm. This also applies to the new edition figures which are 32mm where the 1st and 2nd edition figures were 28mm.

In the following, the differences between old and new figures are shown using photos. But also the size differences in the current range.


Model Scale, GW, Chronopia Old and New
Left: 25mm Lord of the Rings (Games Workshop) – Mid: 28mm 1st Edition Chronopia – Right: 32mm 3rd Edition Chronopia
All 3rd Edition. From left to right: Dusk Realm Demon, Crystal Knight, Troll


Left: 32mm 3rd Edition Swordsmen Follower – Right: 28mm 1st Edition Swordmen Follower
Left: 32mm 3rd Edition Greatswordsmen Follower – Right: 28mm 1st Edition Greatswordsmen Follower


Left: 28mm 1st Edition Spearmen – Right: 32mm 3rd Edition Spearmen
Left: 32mm 3.Edition Archer – Right: 28mm 1.Edition Archer
Left: 3rd Edition Ice Golem – Right: 1st Edition Titan Golem
Left: 3rd Edition Spearmen – Right: 3rd Edition Ice Golem

Video – Scale Comparison

A short video showing the scale of the models of the upcoming Chronopia Miniatures Game.

From Age of Wargamers.

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