Second Savage Moon

Listen ye, for I shall regale thee with a tale of triumph and glory!

In days of yore, we set out on a perilous quest to craft a rulebook that would govern our endeavours. We toiled and laboured, our pens scratching furiously across parchment, until at last, we had fashioned a document of great import and majesty.

But our journey was not yet complete, for we knew that we must seek the approval of the fabled IP owner Heroic Signatures, a powerful and fearsome entity known to be exceedingly strict in matters of copyright and trademark.

Our hearts pounded with trepidation as we presented our rulebook for inspection. We waited with bated breath as the IP owner perused our work, their eyes flickering across each word and phrase.

Then, in a moment that seemed to stretch for an eternity, the Heroic Signatures lifted their gaze and spoke: “We approve.”

A great cheer rose up from our midst, echoing across the land and shaking the very foundations of the earth. For we had triumphed over adversity, and our rulebook had been deemed worthy by the most exacting of judges.

And so, we celebrated, with mead and song and joyous revelry, for we knew that our labours had not been in vain. And though our path may still be fraught with challenge and danger, we march forward with renewed vigour, secure in the knowledge that we have won the approval of the IP owner, and the blessings of fate.

We have received initial approve for our rulebook and cards.

Listen well, ye who gather here,

For a proclamation I must make clear,

Our rulebook, once thought flawless and grand,

Shall now be subject to the Backers’ command.

Their wisdom and insight we shall heed,

For their support is the very seed,

That allowed our vision to take flight,

And brought our dreams into the light.

Their voices shall ring loud and true,

As we review each and every rule,

Their feedback shall guide us on our way,

Towards a brighter and more perfect day.

So let us welcome our Backers’ gaze,

For in their hands, our fate does blaze,

May their counsel guide us to greatness,

And lead us to a future that is truly blessed.

As soon as possible we will send to the backers a Beta version of a rulebook.

Amidst the realm of imagination and creativity lies a world of Chronopia fantastical miniatures, painted with the utmost skill and care by the masterful hands of Phantasos Studio. Each miniature is a unique work of art, imbued with a soul of its own and brought to life with a painter’s brush.

As you gaze upon these wondrous creations, you will be transported to a realm of heroes and villains, dragons and beasts, and epic battles waged in the name of glory and honour. Every detail has been meticulously crafted, from the intricate armour of a Firstborn Iron Guard to the Icy touch of Elven Archers.

The colours are rich and vibrant, capturing the essence of each character and creature in stunning detail. From the ethereal glow of a magical spell to the rusty patina of an ancient weapon, every hue tells a story and adds to the rich tapestry of Chronopia world.

Behold the wonder of Phantasos Studio’s painted miniatures and let your imagination soar to new heights. These masterpieces are not simply models, but living works of art that will inspire and captivate you for years to come.


First Savage Moon

Welcome Lords and Ladies!

We will start a live Twitch. The battle between Firstborn and Blackbloods. So make sure you are following us on Twitch. Here is a link:

We have hope we could give you some more info from production next week.

Still we haven’t heard a word from IP owner. Beta version of a book is waiting for a green light.


Last Frozen Moon Update!

Welcome Warlords!

The Alpha version of a Rulebook finally has been sent to IP owner for approval. As soon as we receive a green light, you might expect a mail with link to PDF. We really cannot wait till you finally get your eyes on it.

8 days from now, there will be our first official battle on Twitch. Follow our channel to do not miss any streaming. We have hope to show and tell you even more news.

Newslink Kickstarter:

Models painted by Painting Knight Studio

Third Frozen Moon Update!

Welcome Lords and Ladies!

Live Stream for the battle between Firstborn and Blackblood for 300 pts each will take place 4th of March 12:00 GMT on our new channel: Stream – Twitch. It will take minimum of 3 hours, so grab yourself a popcorn and enjoy the show.

We are starting to send emails from Dropbox to all backers with pledge level 40+ of Training Dummy STL and PDF Tents with beta rules for them. If for any reason you will not be able to find an email from Dropbox till end of a weekend, write an short message to


Second Frozen Moon Update!

Welcome Lords and Ladies!

We are at the final touch for preparing rulebook. After approval we will be able to send it to you as beta.

As told in previous update 4th of March we will do a live stream of Army Battle Level game between Firstborn and Blackbloods. You will be able to watch it here: Chronopia_ – Twitch 

More pics:

Firstborn Iron Guards painted by Painting Knights Studio

First Frozen Moon Update!


Welcome Lords and Ladies!

As we still waiting for news from manufacturer factory, we arrange a live Twitch battle.

4th of March 2023 around midday GMT we will start live session with 300 pts battle Firstborn vs Blackbloods. The battle will take place in our UK home office / place in Telford Shropshire. Are there any backers around Telford area and wish to pop in and help / play / talk ? – just let us know.

More information with link to Twitch channel in the next update.

New Illustration of a Firstborn Maceman

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!

Next Update from Kickstarter:

First of all I would like to mention that not everything going as fast as we intended, but with small steps we are moving forward.

Yesterday we started to sending invitations to our dropbox for Blood Hunter STL and in the next couple of days we will be sending invitations for the rest of STL (terrain and templates). Keep checking your email.

Update about unit and equipment cards.
Unit and equipment cards has been finished and sent to PW for acceptance.

Update about beta version of the rulebook.
Currently we are finishing put the alpha version together (It is nearly done). After that need to be done some changes and corrections. When Alpha becomes Beta – we will send it to PW for acceptance and then you will receive the beta rules. (Whoever backed a German version, will receive English beta at the same time as the rest of the backers, because we will start the translation work after English version will be done. Of course, when German version will be ready, whoever backed pdf will get that too.) After that we would like to hear as much feedback from you as we can.

Christmas surprises!
Army Builder 3.0 files.
You can download a Chronopia files for Army Builder 3.0 from here:

Battle Scribe Files!
You can download a Battle Scribe files for Chronopia from this link:
Unfortunately I have no time to upload it through GitHub, so it will be visible through BS app, but if someone would like to do that and help with the updating the files, please send us a message.

Check our TikTok @Chronopia_

Welcome in another (small) Friday update!

Christmas is coming, and we would like to wish you Merry Christmas from everyone at Uhrwerk Verlag and our UK Team.

In the next week all of you who backed STL files should receive a link to download them. 

We are preparing few more surprises for you this year as well. More about it in the next update.

Here is a new art of Crystal Lotus Dream Warrior.


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