The Dwarves March to War!

While we are at the height of summer, work for Chronopia is well underway!

The tides of war are flooding the Great Halls of the Dwarven citadel of Hallador and what better way to celebrate these folk’s courage, than via a brand new piece of artwork. Masterfully created by our talented team, this warrior of the Horned Ones Clan is ready to stand his ground against all enemies of his sub-terranean realm, or even raid as far as the major port-city of Girgaldur against treacherous Aleha.

At the same time, the lore of the Dwarf race is penned, full of character, adventure and tragedy, as befits this ancient and great race. Glory, honor, but also treachery are yours to experience through this magnificent miniatures range that bring short, sturdy and bearded men under your command.


Dwarf Swordsman Legionnaire of the Horned Ones Clan.