Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!

Next Update from Kickstarter:

First of all I would like to mention that not everything going as fast as we intended, but with small steps we are moving forward.

Yesterday we started to sending invitations to our dropbox for Blood Hunter STL and in the next couple of days we will be sending invitations for the rest of STL (terrain and templates). Keep checking your email.

Update about unit and equipment cards.
Unit and equipment cards has been finished and sent to PW for acceptance.

Update about beta version of the rulebook.
Currently we are finishing put the alpha version together (It is nearly done). After that need to be done some changes and corrections. When Alpha becomes Beta – we will send it to PW for acceptance and then you will receive the beta rules. (Whoever backed a German version, will receive English beta at the same time as the rest of the backers, because we will start the translation work after English version will be done. Of course, when German version will be ready, whoever backed pdf will get that too.) After that we would like to hear as much feedback from you as we can.

Christmas surprises!
Army Builder 3.0 files.
You can download a Chronopia files for Army Builder 3.0 from here:

Battle Scribe Files!
You can download a Battle Scribe files for Chronopia from this link:
Unfortunately I have no time to upload it through GitHub, so it will be visible through BS app, but if someone would like to do that and help with the updating the files, please send us a message.

Check our TikTok @Chronopia_

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