Second Savage Moon

Listen ye, for I shall regale thee with a tale of triumph and glory!

In days of yore, we set out on a perilous quest to craft a rulebook that would govern our endeavours. We toiled and laboured, our pens scratching furiously across parchment, until at last, we had fashioned a document of great import and majesty.

But our journey was not yet complete, for we knew that we must seek the approval of the fabled IP owner Heroic Signatures, a powerful and fearsome entity known to be exceedingly strict in matters of copyright and trademark.

Our hearts pounded with trepidation as we presented our rulebook for inspection. We waited with bated breath as the IP owner perused our work, their eyes flickering across each word and phrase.

Then, in a moment that seemed to stretch for an eternity, the Heroic Signatures lifted their gaze and spoke: “We approve.”

A great cheer rose up from our midst, echoing across the land and shaking the very foundations of the earth. For we had triumphed over adversity, and our rulebook had been deemed worthy by the most exacting of judges.

And so, we celebrated, with mead and song and joyous revelry, for we knew that our labours had not been in vain. And though our path may still be fraught with challenge and danger, we march forward with renewed vigour, secure in the knowledge that we have won the approval of the IP owner, and the blessings of fate.

We have received initial approve for our rulebook and cards.

Listen well, ye who gather here,

For a proclamation I must make clear,

Our rulebook, once thought flawless and grand,

Shall now be subject to the Backers’ command.

Their wisdom and insight we shall heed,

For their support is the very seed,

That allowed our vision to take flight,

And brought our dreams into the light.

Their voices shall ring loud and true,

As we review each and every rule,

Their feedback shall guide us on our way,

Towards a brighter and more perfect day.

So let us welcome our Backers’ gaze,

For in their hands, our fate does blaze,

May their counsel guide us to greatness,

And lead us to a future that is truly blessed.

As soon as possible we will send to the backers a Beta version of a rulebook.

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